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tpverse 8 months ago

Nomad of the Endless Horizon

Mongolian warrior rides horse on steppe.

Short Story

In the vast sea of grass that stretched beneath the ever-shifting canvas of the sky, there moved a single figure, as relentless as the winds that sculpted the hills. He was known by the people of the steppes as Erdene, which means “jewel” in the old tongue, for his valor and fierceness in battle shone brightly like a rare gem.

Dressed in layers of boiled leather and metal plates, Erdene rode atop his chestnut steed, Temir, a horse as sturdy and wild as the land itself. The horse’s mane fluttered in rhythm with the galloping hooves, and the rider’s silhouette cut a commanding figure against the backdrop of rolling clouds and the endless horizon.

In this untamed landscape, Erdene was a nomad warrior, accustomed to the harshness of the steppe, the biting cold, and the scorching heat. A fine lamellar armor adorned his body, each rectangular plate laced tightly to its neighbor, offering both flexibility and protection. His helmet, a conical work of steel with a protruding peak, shielded his head and bore a single plume that nodded with each of his mount’s powerful strides.

A quiver full of arrows rested against his back, while a sturdy bow, made of horn and sinew, hung from the saddle, ready for the hunt or for battle. A scimitar with a blade forged by the most skilled blacksmiths of his tribe gr