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tpverse 8 months ago

Promises of the Deep

Short Story

On the rugged coast where waves and winds tell stories of ancient mariners, stands a figure looking into the distance. Gregory, a weathered seafarer, draped in a cape the color of the deep ocean, his attire finished with a beret suggesting a touch of nobility amidst the roughness of his life. His visage carries the wisdom of the ages, his eyes reflecting the light of a thousand suns setting over endless waters.

Returning to his village after years at sea, each crease on his face was a remnant of a journey etched deep into his soul. His silver mane, partly confined beneath his beret, bore testament to the many storms he had braved. The salt in the air clung to him like an old friend, welcoming him back to the home he hadn’t seen in what felt like lifetimes.

Gregory’s arrival was not a festive one. The village he had left as a young, ambitious sailor had wilted under the shadow of time. The vibrant docks, once teeming with travelers and traders, were now silent, save for the creaking of old wood and the soft sobs of the ocean. The homes that dotted the shoreline stood with their backs to the sea, as if in mourning.

As he walked the familiar paths, memories came washing over him. Here was where he traded his boyhood for a deck and sails, and there, upon that cliff, was where he had whispered promises to the love of his youth