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tpverse 7 months ago

Zinnia of the Cotton Candy Cosmos

Short Story

In a whimsical corner of the universe, nestled between the tendrils of rainbow nebulas and sparkling stars, there existed a unique little planet called Coton Candy Haven. It was a peculiar place where every living creature boasted vibrant hues that rivaled the most brilliant of sunsets – and none more so than a little girl named Zinnia.

Zinnia was unlike any child you’ve ever seen. She had soft, cotton candy pink hair, which smoothly transitioned into a delicate shade of sky blue. Her skin was a soothing mint color, accentuating her wide, curious eyes that shimmered with the same magic that flowed through the rivers of her home planet. She wore a cozy, mustard-yellow puffer jacket adorned with shiny, whimsical badges that depicted legends and lore of her cosmic neighborhood. The jacket was slightly puffed at the shoulders, suggesting not only warmth but also a hint of protective armor – as if the tales embedded into the badges carried their own kind of shielding force. Underneath it, the teal color of her shirt matched the soft tone of her skin, suggesting a seamless blend between Zinnia and her garments – as if they were a second skin, harmoniously aligned with her otherworldly palette. Her matching yellow boots were robust, strong enough to stomp through the pillowy cloud grounds of her world and leap over marshmallow craters with the slightest exertion.

Our story begins on an ordinary day by Coton Candy Haven standards, which meant that the